2018 State Team Officials

2018 State Team Officials


Softball SA is excited to announce the Officials appointed so far for the 2018 State Teams.

As you will see there are still some positions to fill, which the State Teams Committee are currently working on. Hopefully there will be more announcements soon.

Congratulations to you all, best of luck for your 2018 campaign and thank you for your ongoing contribution to Softball SA

Starz U19 Women U17 Girls U15 Girls 
Head Coach: Kere Johanson Head Coach: Janell Behrendt Head Coach: Butch Sims Head Coaches: Martin Young
Asst. Coach: Karyn Dale Asst. Coach: Belinda White Asst. Coach: Sue Norris Asst. Coaches:  Alice Prokopec
Asst. Coach: Mel McGie Asst. Coach: Bridget Corver Asst. Coach: Ray Strapps Team Managers:  TBA
Team Manager: Jacqui Dunn Team Manager: Meegan Roberts Team Manager: Trudy Soraghan Statisticians: Cathy Lambert
Statistician: Simone Thompson Statistician: Derek Roberts Statistician: Marcie Trzcinski


Open Men U19 Men U17 Men U15 Boys
Head Coach: Geoff May Head Coach: Geoff May Head Coach: TBA Head Coach: TBA
Asst. Coach: Don Peters Asst. Coach: Mandy Hopkins Asst. Coach: TBA Asst. Coach: TBA
Asst. Coach: James Harris Asst. Coach: James Harris Asst. Coach: TBA Asst. Coach: TBA
Team Manager: Paegan Hall Team Manager: Jo Liddell Team Manager: TBA Team Managers: TBA
Statistician: Courtney May Statistician: Courtney May Statistician: TBA Statisticians: TBA