Umpire Green Shirt Training Course

Umpire Green Shirt Training Course

Umpire Green Shirt Training Course

September 10, 17 & 24

7.00 – 9.00pm


The SA Softball Umpires Committee invite any interested parties have organised the above training course, known as the umpire Greenshirt training course, designed for:-

  1. All potential new umpires for the forthcoming season,
  2. Those umpires that umpired last year as their first season where they would benefit with a refresher of the basics in readiness for the forthcoming season,
  3. For anyone that would like a better understanding of the rules of Softball


This training provides an ideal opportunity for clubs to identify their new potential umpires and have them inducted into the Greenshirt program. The Greenshirt program includes the initial three Monday evening training sessions, along with the added benefits of:-

  • An easy to follow beginners umpiring manual
  • The content includes both theory and practical sessions
  •       On completion of the three nights training, participants will be presented with their Umpiring Greenshirt
    ·Whilst umpiring in their Greenshirt, they will receive the safety and protection of Greenshirt protocols as designated by the SA Office for Recreation and Sports
    ·        Follow up support, observation and feedback during Saturday matches by our qualified umpire trainers
    ·        Assessment of their ongoing improvement to benchmark them against the umpiring standards for consideration for their Level 1 Accreditation by season end


This is the best opportunity for clubs to identify one or two participants from their club to receive training as an umpire and benefit from another club member or two being available for your club’s season weekly umpire roster.


Anyone is welcome to attend on any or all of the three nights:

September 10, 17 & 24

7.00pm – 9.00 pm

Softball SA clubrooms

Barratt Reserve, West Beach


Please register your interest in participating or for more information, please contact:

Ian Gray

0409 900 760.