Diamond Sports Facility Upgrade

Diamond Sports Facility Upgrade

Last month, the State Government announced they awarded Baseball SA (BSA) a grant to upgrade some areas of Diamond Sports at West Beach Parks.  This is off the back of a partnership with the Adelaide Giants to host the Korean baseball team (Lotte Giants) for a Spring training camp throughout February.

Diamond Sports SA (DSSA) saw this as an opportunity to upgrade selected shared areas of the facility and have contributed funds on behalf of BSA and Softball SA (SSA) to provide a pathway from the entrance of the facility to diamond 2 (back field). 

Other areas included in the project that are specifically funded by State Government, Adelaide Giants and BSA, that will have an effect on softball members include:

Diamond 2 (back field) –

  • Levelling with particular attention being paid to the line where the dirt and grass meet.
  • Minor changes to irrigation to help with ongoing maintenance.
  • Clay bricks will be installed around the home plate and pitching circle to reinforce the surface and better manage the high traffic these areas experience.
  • Some repairs to the home run fence.

Pathways –

  • Provide pathway access around the baseball main diamond through to indoor training facility, changing rooms and baseball main diamond

We are working closely with BSA on these works to ensure all our requirements are met and that there is no interruption to our playing schedule. Works to the diamond are due to finish this month, in time for the State Championships starting 24 January.

The pathway through to diamond 2 (back field), will be completed in stages and will initially be quite basic, but it will cover an extensive area around the facility. Plans are yet to be released and updates will be given in due course.

Works to the baseball areas include a slight facelift to their main diamond which includes a reconfiguration (inwards) of the fence line for optimal spectator experience, the bullpens will be expanded and some work in the dugouts.  General repairs and maintenance around the facility will also be undertaken throughout. An ice machine will also be purchased for the benefit of both sports which is great to see, given we have required this item for some time now.

In all, SSA is supportive of the work being undertaken and pleased the facility is receiving some upgrades.  We will provide you with further updates later this month.