National Volunteer Week – Jill Williams

National Volunteer Week – Jill Williams

National Volunteer Week has allowed for Softball SA to show our appreciation for our amazing, hard-working volunteers.  Without their help, Softball competitions, clubs and organized events wouldn’t be what they are today.

As part of Softball SA’s National Volunteer Week celebration, we decided to chat with Jill Williams, our 2021 ‘Roo Weaver’ Volunteer of the Year, on her motivations and experiences in Softball.

Jill told us her softball journey began at a young age. In her first year of high school, she was asked by a friend to try a softball training to see if she enjoyed it. It’s fair to say she did – Softball has been a huge part of her life now for 53 years. Jill would eventually join her then coach, Joan Cahill, as a Softball SA Life Member in 2005.

Volunteering was a part of her life even when she first began life as a softballer. Jill assisted her club through umpiring, setting up the diamonds and taking her share of shifts in the canteen.

These days, Jill can be found doing all the above and more, dedicated as ever to help grow the sport which has given her so much pleasure over the years.

“I like to volunteer for Softball because I like helping and meeting people,” Jill spoke of her motivation.

“I hope my presence helps others to appreciate the sport that I love, whether that be when I umpire for Seacombe Under 14 team or help in the canteen during Dragons Academy Camps or go away with State Teams.

“The best parts about being a volunteer are the people you meet and the satisfaction of assisting in any way, not because I have to, but because I want to.  This sport is truly full of interesting characters who have the sport at heart.”

Softball SA recognises volunteer work comes at some sacrifice of time and effort. Although Jill doesn’t recall any tough times working in Softball, she’s always been ready to work her way through challenges and maintain her positive attitude.

Jill Williams was named Softball SA’s Volunteer of the Year in 2021 off the back of her attitude and willingness to be involved any way she can. Most recently, Jill has helped as a statistician in the Softball SA Premier League as well as a representative of the Softball SA Sub-Committee, State Teams committee and State Scoring Committee.

Jill isn’t planning to stop volunteering anytime soon.

“I would like to stay involved as long as I can and while I enjoy what I am doing for Softball and for as long as Softball SA would like me to help.” Jill finalised.

Softball SA extends a huge thankyou to all our volunteers like Jill, who’ve grown the game of Softball In South Australia. We hope to see all our dedicated helpers, umpires, and players out on the diamonds sometime soon.