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With the exception of international transfers, all clearances and permits must be processed through the national database – mySoftball Community.

The Fact Sheet outlines the process for clearances, permits and transfers.


Clearances and permits should be finalised one week prior to participating in an event.
Softball Australia has implemented a 14-day auto approval of requested clearances AND permits if the process is not completed or denied. At seven days, the person nominated to handle clearances/permits at the level it is awaiting approval, and all subsequent people nominated to handle clearances/permits within the workflow, will receive an email reminding them of the outstanding clearance/permit (each level must have an email address in their profile in order to receive notifications). Once 14 days has passed, all remaining levels will be automatically APPROVED, down to (but not including) the club who submitted the clearance/permit, who must still manually approve or deny.
International Permits will be processed by Softball Australia within 48 hours of receipt.
For information regarding Australian Championships, the transfer process and 1 August deadline, refer to clause 7.1, Individual player eligibility (Qualifications) in the Australian Championship Regulations.


Individuals requesting a clearance/permit to play within Australia must be registered in the national database with the club for whom they will be playing, and in the season during which they will be playing.
If you are not registered in the national database, you will not be covered under the National Insurance Program if you sustain an injury during competition.
If you are participating in a competition overseas, other than as a member of an Australian team, you will not be covered under the National Insurance Program if you sustain an injury during competition.

Should a player wish to resume playing for a different club after an absence and they are not on the database, then an electronic trail (including approval) must be obtained from the original club prior to the ‘new’ club completing a new registration in the database.

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DCSI Screening Background Checks

  • DSCI Screening Online is an organisation-led process. If you wish to obtain a DCSI Screening for your Softball Activities it can be organised through the Softball SA Office.
  • As an employee, volunteer or student you will be unable to start an online DCSI screening on your own – Softball SA must initiate the application on your behalf. *please note that only online applications must be initiated by Softball SA
  • Please contact your Softball SA to discuss. You will need to speak with a Requesting Officer (Kelsey Knuckey). Requesting Officers are responsible for initiating all online screening applications for Softball SA and Affiliates.
  • For more information, please refer to the Fact Sheet: How to start your application 

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