Riverland Masters Recap

Riverland Masters Recap


While some spent their long weekend taking a much-needed break at home, Riverlands softballers took the opportunity to get out and about, playing a three-day Riverland Masters Softball Tournament in Berri.

Hosted by the Riverlands Softball Association, ten women’s and three men’s teams competed in what became a tight contest all weekend long.

Women’s competitions were split into two divisions, with both coming down to the final minor round to decide the grand final matchup.

In Women’s Div 1, All Sorts came out on top against Sigrdrifa Klan, while Valkyries Fire beat Gawler to take out Women’s Div 2.

The Men’s Grand Final was played between Odin Klan and Ymir Klan, who were on fire all weekend and until that point hadn’t lost a single game.

The perfect weekend was not to be for Ymir Klan however, as Odin Klan put in the work to snatch a one run win in the Grand Final.

Tracey Roberts from Sigrdrifa Klan was handed the Women’s MVP award after a strong weekend showing, and Steven Goldspink from Riverlands won the Men’s MVP.



Centrals might’ve stolen the show with their Novelty Round Prize for their “incredible” outfits. Take a look: