The health and wellbeing of all our members, volunteers and supporters is of primary concern to us at Softball SA and, as such, we assure you we are continually monitoring updates regarding COVID-19.


At this stage, there is no change to your finals program, but we do ask that you take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and others safe.  For more information on this, head to the  Australian Government guidelines on effective hygiene and COVID-19.


Other measures to take at softball include:

  • Avoid being stagnant in a crowd (i.e. a grandstand).
  • Open spaces are recommended and remember to keep your distance from others whenever possible.
  • Avoid unnecessary contact such as shaking hands, high fives and hugging.
  • Use anti-bacterial wipes on equipment.
  • Ideally, use only your own equipment and do not share drink bottles or towels.
  • Wash your hands before and after competing.


For further information, refer to Sport Australia and the Australian Institute of Sport’s information portal or to Softball Australia’s website.


If you become unwell and think you may have symptoms of coronavirus, contact your doctor immediately.  Advise them of your symptoms and situation over the phone so they can advise you accordingly.


If you test positive to contracting the virus, it is important you follow all medical advice and contact your club and Softball SA immediately.  SSA is contactable on 83536766 or


We will continue to work with relevant authorities and share information as it comes to hand.