State Coordinators Announced

State Coordinators Announced

Softball SA is very pleased to announce the new State Coordinators for the next two years.

State Coordinator of Coaching – Jacqui Crafter

Recently returned to coaching, with roles at club, youth Aussie squads and in the SA Dragons program, Jacqui is a Level 4 Accredited Coach.

State Coordinator of Scoring – Lindy Rattigan

The re-appointment of Lindy comes as no surprise as she has held this position for the past 11 seasons (15 years in total).

State Umpire in Chief – Steve Wallace-Yarrow

Steve has been re-appointed as our Umpire in Chief. With more than 25 years of involvement in softball, Steve brings a wealth of experience and qualifications to the role.

The Board and management of Softball SA are pleased to announce the above appointments, and look forward to working with all three positions to grow Softball in South Australia.